Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Release Day Review: Chase Me by Laura Florand

Title: Chase Me (Paris Nights, #2)

Author: Laura Florand

Rating: 4 Stars

Chase Me is vastly different from any of Florand's other works but I absolutely loved it. It features a tough, female chef--one who has fought her way to the top, having to prove herself every step of the way solely because of her sex--and an undercover agent who is too charming for his own good. From the moment Chase breaks into Violette's kitchen, the banter was witty and the sexual tension was off the charts. You could just tell that this novel was going to be a winner--and it absolutely was.

One of my favorite aspects to Florand's work--and why I keep coming back to her stories--is her impeccable characterization. Each of her characters are different from one another and though many of them work in the same profession, their backgrounds have shaped them into who they are and none of them are perfect. These are all extremely successful individuals who have fooled the world into thinking that they have it all together--but they don't and it those glimpses of humanity that floor me in her novels. All of her characters are ambitious and career-driven but they are also looking for a little something more in their lives which is something I think we can all relate to.

Violette and Chase's story, though, is a slew of pure, romantic fun. Chase isn't a demanding two-star chef determined to maintain control of every situation. In fact, he is laid-back and sexy and exciting to Violette's orderly life and I loved seeing him upend her existence. But I equally loved seeing Violette take him down and make her way into his guarded heart. Despite his easy-going demeanor, Chase lives a hard life and has seen too much during his time undercover but the balance he reaches with Violette is seamless. I especially love that these two are just as devoted to themselves and their lives as they are to each other. They can find a way to be together without giving up on their dreams and goals.

Chase Me is hilarious, un-put-down-able and just so much fun! It's going to be a Florand novel I re-read easily, without the fear of heartache and tears, much like I revisit The Chocolate Thief and Once Upon a Rose.  This entire series is so very different from Florand's typical books so I'd encourage giving this book a try if you've been overwhelmed by the intensity of her novels in the past or just need a good laugh. It's rom-com style, but also entirely beautiful with the prose, the romance, and the depth of character. Florand infuses a lot into her novels but Chase Me is far more subtle with its shout-outs to feminism, work-place difficulties that women face, and the importance of the work that co-ops and FBI and military personnel do for us, but those are the things I appreciate in her novels. I love that I can pick up a romance but still have the depth and thoughtful dialogue I'd expect from a different genre of literature. I'm a fan of Florand; try this and see if you don't become a convert too.

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  1. "It's going to be a Florand novel I re-read easily, without the fear of heartache and tears, much like I revisit The Chocolate Thief and Once Upon a Rose."

    That's exactly what I'm in the mood for right now Keertana - something that's just plain fun without all the drama. I enjoy tears, don't get me wrong, but I haven't been in the mood for them for a while, so give me light and fluffy and sexy instead!!!

  2. Oh Laura Florand's books are so great. Honestly, one of the best romance writers out there. Sill having a hard time downloading this book. I got an email saying that I've got a copy for review, but it's not loading for me. *sobs* Anyway, I'm glad she continues to amaze!

  3. Yes! You do have me totally convinced I so need to try her work. I just love the sound of her writing and her characters. This also isn't the only glowing review of this book that I've read. I so need to push her up my wishlist!

  4. I agree, Chase Me was definitely lighter than Florand's other novels, and I enjoyed the difference. Not that I don't love the intensity and depth of feeling I get with her other books, but it is nice to giggle and smile through an entire story! So much fun! Wonderful review, Keertana! :)

  5. Oh Amour et Chocolat, it's French! lol. I didn't know about the author but you made me curious, mainly about the different characters like that, it sounds so much fun

  6. I appreciate good characterization above all things and while I haven't read a single book by Florand just yet, everything I learn about her tells me I'm going to enjoy her work. Food seems to be a common theme with her, it seems. That certainly works in her favor! :)

  7. I totally agree with you about Laura Florand’s books, characterization is one her strongest aspects. And her romances give you all the feels. I can’t wait to read another book by her. Wonderful review, Keertana!

  8. I haven't read any of Laura Florand's books but based on the comments here, I might check one or two. I love feel-good books without the hassles of complicated plot twists, unnecessary dialogue, etc. ChatEbooks recently posted https://www.chatebooks.com/blog-Childrens-Books-10-Ways-to-Control-Your-Child's-Reading-Choices

  9. I am like the only one who has not tried Florand...only oneee

  10. I do like a book that can make me laugh! One of my favorite things about books, in general, are the characters though. It's great to hear that this author does them so well. I've heard of her and her work before but haven't read anything yet. i really need to get on it!



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