Review Policy

I am currently not accepting any review requests. Additionally, I do not host promotional events or book tours for novels I have not already read and enjoyed, so please do not contact me to promote your novel when I do not have the time to read it as I am not accepting review requests. Thanks.
If you are interested, I would love to read and review your novel on my blog! I do request that you only contact me after reading over my policy, ensuring that your book is acceptable for my blog, and becoming comfortable with the way in which I review the books I read.

How I Review: 

Each and every one of my reviews are a reflection of my honest opinion. I write very detailed reviews, outlining both aspects of a book that I enjoyed and didn't enjoy, all in an insightful manner. If you would like me to review your novel, I cannot guarantee a positive review, but I can, however, guarantee an honest review. Even if I did not enjoy your novel, I always ensure that my reviews are respectful as I truly admire the amount of time and effort authors put into their novels. 

I rate my reviews on a scale from 1 to 5 as well as providing a synopsis of my own within the review itself. I do tend to write longer reviews, unless, however, I was unable to finish a book, in which case my reviews consist of a summary of the novel from GoodReads, two-three paragraphs of detailed explanations on why I was unable to finish the novel, and a standard rating of 2 Stars/DNF. If I was unable to finish a novel, I always only abandon a book after reading at least 100 pages, if not half the novel itself, thus having sampled a good portion of the book. 

What I Accept: 

I primarily read Young Adult Literature with the occasional Middle Grade or Adult Novel. I am not likely to accept any Middle Grade or Adult Literature unless they appear on my shelves on GoodReads, so please do check thoroughly before sending me a request. In terms of Young Adult Literature, I am currently accepting the following genres: 
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • Science Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Contemporary Fiction 
  • Mystery/Thrillers
  • Historical Fiction
  • Chick-Lit 
I do not accept or read any Christian/Religious Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, or Children's Fiction/Non-Fiction Novels. 

Formats I Accept: 

I accept both paperback and e-book ARCs, but, in regard to e-book ARCs, the format must be compatible with my Kindle, therefore, I only accept MOBI and PDF ARCs/Review Copies. 

Self-Published Novels:

I do accept self-published novels, however, I am quite selective of those I choose to review. If your self-published novel does not meet the above criteria, I will not be able to review your book. If you would like to send in a request for your self-published novel to be reviewed, please include at least one sample chapter along with your synopsis and personalized pitch. I would, once again, recommend perusing through my shelves on GoodReads to get a good feel for the types of novels I enjoy and the specific genres of self-published novels I have read in the past. 

Timing of Reviews: 

I am usually very good about timing my reviews as I strive to read any ARCs I receive before continuing with my usual reading schedule as they will receive precedence. I also read my ARCs in the order in which I receive them and attempt to post my reviews for them approximately a month before the release date. In addition, I will always notify the sender of the ARC/Review Copy of the day the review is posted and it should be noted that my reviews are available on GoodReads as well as my blog

Author Interviews & Giveaways: 

I am always interested in featuring author interviews and giveaways on my site, but I will only do so for novels I highly recommend. It should also be noted that I will not interview an author if I have not interacted with them in the past or if I have not read any of their previous work. (In other words, if I have not already read and enjoyed your novel, I will not host a promotional event for it.)

For review requests or any further inquires regarding my review policy, please contact me at

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