It's hard for me to remember a time when I have not been reading. I was always that student in class who would have her nose buried in a book under the table or who would spend her summers checking out the maximum number of books she could at the library. Some of my earliest memories include receiving piles of paperback novels for my birthday and Christmas and even struggling to read my books in the dark, long after the lights had been switched off and I should have been soundly asleep. I am a hopeless book-addict, voracious reader, and I love nothing more than to spend hours curled up with a good book or perusing through bookshelves in libraries and bookstores.

For me, reading is a passion and over the past year, reviewing books has become a passion of mine too. I am a scrupulously honest reviewer and I do not hesitate to express my opinion of novels - even ones that I dislike. I find that there is something incredibly magical about recommending and discussing books with others (which I could probably do until my voice went hoarse). If, by chance, I am ever able to convince you to pick up a good book through my reviews, nothing else could possibly make me any happier.

In the words of Emily Dickinson, "There is no frigate like a book/To take us lands away..."

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  1. Ooh yes. Times reading in the dark. Sorry if you don't like comments on your About Me pages. You can always delete this.
    Anyway, I'm surprised to see you don't have glasses. Or is it contacts? I'm literally blind without my contacts, and it's all due to pre-getting my little bed light so I could read discreetly.

    Kim at snugglemybooks.wordpress.com

    1. Nope, I don't mind the comments, Kim!(: I actually do have glasses and I don't have contacts either - I need to buy them though! I only wear my glasses when I have to see things from a faraway distance, so for classes when I need to see the board or when I'm sitting far away from the TV or driving. Otherwise, I try not to wear my glasses as much as possible since I'm not a huge fan of them. Plus, I don't like reading or surfing the web with them on...it's a personal preference. I do wear glasses otherwise though, but just not in this picture - also, my glasses look weird in cameras... ;)

  2. awesome Blog! quite impressive, keep on going!

  3. Keertana thats you? Your so pretty. And awesome blog that you have. I love it :)


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