Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: Then Came You by Jill Shalvis

Title: Then Came You (Animal Magnetism, #5) 

Author: Jill Shalvis

Rating: 4 Stars

I'm not sure I can adequately express just how terrible this cover is. I mean, look at it.

Actually, no, sorry, don't; don't look at it.

I know this is a romance novel--I didn't need the horrible cover to confirm that--but with all the awkward photo-shopping going on with this one, it's particularly bad.

Thankfully, Jill Shalvis's novels are most definitely not bad. I haven't picked up her Animal Magnetism Series, mostly because I'm a bit of an anti-animal person myself (I'm scared of dogs and cats are just...creepy? Or at least the ones in my neighborhood are. I never seem to see the cute cats of tumblr in real life...) but the synopsis of this novel captured my attention completely and I just couldn't resist to sneak a romance read in-between the sci-fi/fantasy kick I've been on.

And, seriously, Then Came You was such a treat. I inhaled it in practically a single sitting, completely besotted with Emily, Wyatt, and their myriad of problems. Emily is The One With The Plan. We all know people like this; people so set in their ways and determined to stick to a certain path that they believe with guarantee them happiness that they are completely unnerved by any curve balls. When she winds up interning for a veterinary practice in Sunshine, Idaho though, Emily is far away from L.A., the city she planned to intern in. What's more, Wyatt--the sexy doctor she had a one-night stand with a few months ago--works in Sunshine. The sparks between Wyatt and Emily haven't died down one bit since their night together, but the real question here isn't whether or not their chemistry is still blazing--it's whether or not Wyatt can get Emily to forget her plans...

Then Came You is complete with Shalvis's trademark sense of humor, sass, and laughs. Emily finds it impossible to keep a filter on her thoughts around Wyatt and, though they try for professionalism, they fail quite spectacularly. While Emily and Wyatt's relationship is the main focus of the novel, I love that Shalvis almost always writes strong sibling relationships to accompany her characters. Wyatt, the middle child squeezed between two sisters, and Emily, with her lesbian sister, are both shaped by their family ties--which I love. Moreover, their journey to love is a slow-burn. Shalvis makes the sharp distinction between insta-lust and actual love so seamlessly in all her romances, which is likely why I keep coming back for more.

If you're an animal lover of any nature--dogs, cats, horses, turtles--Then Came You is going to bring out your soft side for sure. It's impossible not to feel the passion both Emily and Wyatt feel for their job and the animals they care for, which is an unexpected surprise in a love story. Needless to say, Then Came You hit all the right notes for a lazy-day summer read and, should the urge strike me again, I'll be visiting the handsome vets of Sunshine yet again.


  1. Ha, the dog is looking up her skirt

  2. Oh I heard so many great things about this author and I really want to try her and her novels. Thanks for the review!

  3. She really is great at writing sibling relationships, isn't she? Love reading her stories but, yeah, she really gets some terrible covers. Especially this series, with the photoshopped dogs on every cover!

  4. YAYYYYY! I loved this one too Keertana! I agree the cover is a bit silly, but her stories never are:) I can always count on her to make me laugh and just write really fun couples. Glad that despite being somewhat anti-animal, you still gave this series a try:)

  5. I need to read more of her books, I always love them. So glad this one was so darn fun and cute!

  6. Shalvis novels are always feel-good romance although, I have read only Lucky Harbor series. I'm definitely not a pet-person, as you said dogs and cats in my neighborhood are creepy as well. I should get started on Animal Magnetism series. Then you Came sounds so good. Gorgeous review, Keertana (:

  7. That cover definitely isn't one that would draw me in, but the book sounds delightful. I always like a good, entertaining romance, and this sounds like the sort of read that is great for just kicking back with. Plus I love that there is an emphasis on family ties too. Lovely review, Keertana!

  8. Yeah, the cover is pretty bad. Haha But I've been trying not to judge books by their covers lately....usually works. I love that this book has animals in it. Big animal lover here! There's nothing like reading a great romance in the summertime, and I might just have to check out one of her books. Wonderful review, Keertana!

  9. I have this whole series on my wishlist. Oh this sound so good and like a good romance that I would enjoy. Photoshopped dogs and all... ;)

  10. Oh this book sounds utterly adorable Keertana, I know a lot of other readers who have loved Shalvis' books, but I don't really know which book to start with. But this book really does sound like my cup of tea, I'm not normally a fan of cats or dogs either, but this book sounds too cute to miss out. Fab review lovely!

  11. Haha, I also think the cover is a bit awkward - the dog's expression seems very, er, sad? Awkward cover aside, I'm glad that you enjoyed this book a lot, Keertana! It seems like a total treat. :) I love strong sibling relationship in my book and YES YES YES for sizzling romance! <3

    I'm an animal person myself, so I can actually see myself enjoying this one very much. :) I'll keep this in mind when I'm in need of some Romance. :) Lovely review! <3

  12. This sounds like the perfect summer read Keertana! I'm loving the sound of it! :D I'm a huge fan of romances that are swoony, while still managing to stay in the relative background of the plot, and this sounds like just the type I'm looking for.

    And the emphasis on sibling relationships sounds great! There aren't many contemporaries that really zoom into a protagonist's family life like that, but when they do, it's always a treat!

    Thanks for sharing, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  13. I'm bummed because I passed on reviewing this. The cover is a bad example of photo shopping, but the story sounds like the right blend of romances and fun. Great review, Keertana! :)


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