Thursday, January 3, 2013

ARC Review: Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Title: Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)

Author: Veronica Rossi 

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Release Date: January 8th, 2013

Through the Ever Night is one of the few sequels that truly took me by surprise - in the best possible way. I can't quite articulate how excited I was for this book, especially after loving Under the Never Sky, so to say that my expectations were met would be an understatement. Once again, Veronica Rossi has proved her prowess as a writer and if there's anything I can guarantee, it's that fans of the series will most definitely not be disappointed by this scintillating sequel.

Through the Ever Night picks up exactly where Under the Never Sky left off with the reunion of Aria and Perry. Unlike its predecessor, which was rather fast-paced and full of romance, Through the Ever Night is filled with a steady undercurrent of loss, of longing, and an atmosphere of tension. Even from the beginning, we can see that this won't be the same swoon-worthy romance we were treated to in the first novel. Instead, Aria and Perry are practically estranged from one another as Aria is very much an outsider in Perry's tribe and their relationship is kept a secret. Yet, before Perry and Aria can even begin to come to terms with the direction their relationship is taking now that they are no longer alone, Aria and Roar are whisked away to find Liv, Perry's sister, and fulfill the task of finding the Still Blue.

It seems weird, but for some reason, I always enjoy romances that are tinged with a hint of longing, despair, and utter want, which was exactly what I got with Through the Ever Night. Even while living in the same tribe, Aria and Perry seem miles away from one another, until literally, they are. As Blood Lord of the Tides, Perry has an immense amount of responsibility, and it doesn't all come so easily. It is evident that as a leader, the role one plays is extremely different and seeing Perry struggle through his duty, making mistakes and blunders, all while slowly coming to realize his significance and grow into his role, is an incredible journey to see. Just like with her debut, Rossi manages to capture the essence of humanity within her characters, making them shockingly three-dimensional and realistic in the growth and change that she ensures they go through throughout the novel.

Aria, too, is a different person. Although we don't see as drastic a change of growth in her as we do in Perry, she is a far cry from the frightened Dweller we met in the beginning of Under the Never Sky. Aria and Roar's friendship is as strong as ever and seeing them interact, console each other, and just generally be there for one another without any romantic feelings on part of either of them was utterly refreshing. I love that Rossi made Aria just as much a friend to Roar as Perry and furthermore, that she made Roar such a huge forefront in this novel. Although he doesn't have his own PoV in this novel, like Aria and Perry do, a large part of the plot revolves around him and seeing him change and grow is rewarding as well.

In addition to the main characters, the majority of the secondary characters from Under the Never Sky return in this novel, some of them in unexpected ways. I was thrilled to see them all come back and see the role they played in moving the plot forward. If I have any qualms with this story, it is just that it seems as if not enough quite happens. It almost seems as if there is still so much left to happen in the last novel, but the plot never lags, never slows, and never bores the reader. It isn't as fast-paced or intriguing as Under the Never Sky, and many of my questions concerning Aria's parentage remain unanswered, but it keeps you flipping the pages and the world-building is explored a little further as well.

Ultimately, I can see this novel being an instant hit with fans of Under the Never Sky for it is a fabulous follow-up novel. Veronica Rossi just keeps surprising me. While Under the Never Sky felt like Aria's story, TtEN is Perry's in a way and it's phenomenal. I simply love the character development in this novel. It completely blew me away with its depth. COMPLETELY. Furthermore, it was an incredibly emotional novel. INCREDIBLY. Seriously, my feelings and emotions were EVERYWHERE. It was an incredible whirlwind of pure emotion for sure. If there is anything I know for sure it is that Into the Still Blue is going to be SUCH a great conclusion - I can just tell. 

HUGE hugs and kisses and thank-yous to my friend, Amelia, at The Authoress for lending me this book. You're the BEST, Amelia! THANK YOU!(:


    I am DYING to read this, and even more so after your amazing review. But I'm scared. I knew everything wasn't going to be sunshine and roses for Aria and Perry, but... *whimpers*


    Amazing review as always, lovely ♥

  2. Rossi manages to capture the essence of humanity within her characters, making them shockingly three-dimensional and realistic in the growth and change that she ensures they go through throughout the novel.

    Yes! This is it in a nutshell, what sets her apart from other writers, what makes this book stand out among hundreds of others. I'm so excited, happy that you loved it too. My review is scheduled for the 7th, a day before the UK release date, but I want to climb some rooftops and scream about this book.
    And that thing that happened, you know, THE THING.. I don't believe we saw what we think we saw, do you? At least I hope not, it happened so fast.
    Well, amazing revew, Keertana. I'm almost ashamed to post mine.

  3. AHHHHH KEERTANA!!!! I can't wait to read this! You have me a little nervous with the words in all caps in that last paragraph because I want only good things for Aria and Perry and I feel like theirs is going to be a rough journey. So excited though, I'm going to be in the bookstore buying this next Tuesday!

  4. i can't wait either . great review

  5. wow! I'm glad that you enjoyed this book so much! And I'm also happy to hear that it was better than the first. I might read this. haven't decided yet. Great review!

  6. I AM SO EXCITED. *runs around flailing limbs*

    Honestly, Keertana, when I saw you first pick up this book, I was scared to death that you weren't going to like it, and therefore I wasn't going to like it either. But it seems like this one is just as good as Under the Never Sky, even if it is in another way. I love how the plot is slower, yet it never bores the reader. However, I'm sad that Aria and Perry are going to be separated!! I want them to live happily ever after, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. ='( However, that IS more realistic, and I suppose being realistic is more important than giving the readers what we really want. *grumbles*

    I'm also really looking forward to the character development in this one. I loved seeing Aria grow in the first book, and am so intrigued to see how Perry does the same. And same goes for Roar! I'm excited to see how his and Aria's friendship grows. It also seems that I need to buy the short story, Roar & Liv...

    Fantabulous review Keertana! Thank GOODNESS there is less than a week until this book comes out. I can't wait to read it!

  7. I have yet to read Under the Never Sky, but I am immensely excited for it. It's one of the books I intend to read this year in fact. I can't wait for it!

    So I'm glad to hear things are just as great in the sequel. Like you Keertana, I like a little longing and distance in a romance. I like to see it tested and it really excites me to se that this is what I can expect.

    And great secondary characters that reappear. How great! This book just gets even better. And a friendship that isn't a romance.

    I literally adore the sound of this novel, and the first one so I can't wait to get started.

    Quick note, you've called it the first novel though when it's the second at the top of your review "(Under the Never Sky #1) just so you can fix it! :)

    Great review!

  8. Thanks for that, Livvy! I totally missed it! I also cannot wait till you read UtNS, so I hope you enjoy it! I'll be diligently stalking you to see what you think! ;)

  9. Eeeep I can't read this right now, as I'm still finishing Under the Never Sky off, I know what is wrong with me? I'm so behind as usual, but I have Through the Ever Night and so will be diving into that straight away and then I will be back to read your gorgeous review! So glad you loved this Keertana! :)

  10. Great review; I'm so happy to see the positive reviews coming out! I'll be diving into it next week :)

  11. Okay, so the funniest thing happened - first, I went to Jen's blog over at The Starry Eyed Revenue review this book and give it five glowing stars of excellence, then I stopped by The Reader's Den to read Rachel's review of the same book and she also gave it five stars! And now, I indirectly decided to go to your blog and the same book with a 4.5 star rating from you, Keertana! Clearly, this is a sign for me to get my act together and read Under the Never Sky. I'm an idiot for waiting so long, I know. And your review is so incredible!


  12. Brilliant review Keertana! This was an amazing sequel and now I can't wait for the last book! :)

  13. Damn why did I read the first book in this series on time so I could now easily read the second one. I'm happy to see that you enjoyed this one :) Great review :)


    Also, I will bask in this book. I throw myself back and roll around in it's awesomeness like it was snow or grass or fudge syrup.


  15. Aww. Amazing review sweetie :D I'm so so glad you loved this book. <3 I did too. It was just so damn perfect. But also so heartbreaking. And omg. I HATED that Aria and Perry were apart :( I didn't like that she left with Roar.. But anyway. I loved Perry so much in this book. And I might have liked Aria too. But she did make some stupid choices when it came to Perry :\ She better make up for it in book three.. I hope :) She probably won't even acknowledge it though, since it usually never happens when a girl does something wrong in books.. which I hate, to be honest :p but anyway. I did love this book so much, either way :) Glad you did as well :D
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  16. I'm dying to get a copy of this. Two more days! It feels like forever!

    I'm so thrilled that you loved this one too. I usually find sequels sort of disappointing but haven't heard that about this yet. Looking forward to getting back to the world of Perry and Aria and seeing more of Roar's awesomeness :)

  17. Yes! I LOVE what you've said about this book being Perry's as UtNS was Aria's. They both grow and change so much from who they were when we first met them, but it is truly Perry who becomes who he is supposed to be throughout the course of TtEN. I love this review, Keertana, as usual, your thoughts mirror so many of my own. I'm still astounded by Rossi's success in creating a sequel that stands up to (and in my opinion surpasses) the first. I cannot wait for Into the Still Blue!

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