Monday, December 31, 2012

13 Most Anticipated Reads of 2013

I'm featuring some of my most anticipated reads for the upcoming year today. I simply cannot WAIT for these and if I chance by an ARC, I might just faint from happiness. Seriously, this year has SO much awesomeness ahead! :)
I am a HUGE fan of Gayle Forman, so despite the mixed reviews about this one, I simply cannot WAIT! Just a few more days to go! :D 
I actually haven't read anything by Sepetys before, so hopefully I can read her debut before this releases, but if not, I'm too excited to care. I've seen nothing but gushing reviews of this one, so I'm very eager to experience her writing for myself. 
HANNAH MOSKOWITZ! Need I say more? Actually, she has TWO books out next year, but this just sounds too cute. Only Moskowitz can pull off a story like this...I know it'll be phenomenal. I just do.
Who isn't excited for this? I still don't know if I'm Team Jem or Team Will, but WHO CARES? I need this! NOW! 
FINALLY! I'd buy a dictionary if Perkins wrote it, so to say I'm excited about this would be a MAJOR under-statement. I. Need. To. Read. This. Now!
I just love the cover of this, not to mention the whole idea of it as well. I haven't read anything by Thompson before, but I'm curious to see how this one reads. 
If you haven't read the summary for this, DO IT. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to read it after such a tantalizing summary with faeries and historical settings. RELEASE ALREADY!
If you've read Shadow and Bone, I don't need to explain why this is on my list. If you haven't...what are you doing? Go read it!
Apparently, this is similar to If I Stay, only with a few twists, but it sounds remarkable. Also, that cover is beautiful. I haven't read Whitney's acclaimed Mockingbirds, but I really cannot wait to read this one. 
Dracomachia is the sequel to Seraphina, easily my favorite fantasy novel of 2012. I desperately need to get my hands on this...DESPERATELY. I will SELL MY SOUL for this! Want, want, wanttt...
Yet another book I might just cross over to the dark side for. First of all, what is up with these gorgeous covers? Plus, I neeeeed more Daniel to know what happens!
Markus Zusak. No explanation needed. I would probably hang off a cliff with just my nails to be able to write half as brilliantly as he does. Actually, make that a hundreth. 

What books are you anticipating for the upcoming year? 


  1. Awesome list! I'm looking forward to Just One Day and Siege and Storm too! I haven't read Something Strange and Deadly yet but I looove the covers for those books!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. I agree with all the choices! :) I can't wait for the Clockwork Princess! I'm so curious. And the rest of the books are on my to-read list :) Great picks :)

  3. The Howling Boy - SO excited :D

    And I'm excited for Just One Day and Out of the Easy as well!

  4. I can't wait for Siege and Storm either! Shadow & Bone was one of my fave reads of this year. I NEED more Mal. <3

  5. Siege and Storm Keertana!!! CANNOT WAIT! I'm super excited for A Darkness Strange and Lovely as well, I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the first book given zombie stories typically aren't my thing. The zombie element was so minor though that I was good. Oh and Drachomachia! So excited for that one too:)

  6. Oh some awesome picks Keertana and also well done you for just sticking to a few books, my list would have been pages and pages long! I can't wait for Isla and the Happily Ever After or Just One Day either! I'm so happy Forman's book is going to be released in a few days. I hadn't heard about The Language Inside before you mentioned it, so I will definitely be checking that out. So many pretties to look forward to next year I can't wait!!! :)

  7. Just One Day and OH MY GOD CLOCKWORK PRINCESS I NEED IT NOW TOO!! Seriously, I can't believe how long we have to wait for each of Cassie Clare's releases. As for Gayle Forman, absolutely no hesitation in deciding to read anything of hers either. Fantastic picks, Keertana! :)

  8. Girl, WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY?! This is absolutely unacceptable. I can not tolerate this madness any longer! You absolutely must pick that book up in January, Keertana. It's something you would really, really enjoy! But I am super excited for Out of the Easy as well. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    There are a couple books on this list that I haven't heard of before, but they're all going on my TBR list. The Language Inside looks intriguing, and I like that cover as well. And you are SO right about that synopsis for The Falconer! It's amazing, and that MC sounds like the epitome of kick-butt. PLUS, it's a steampunk novel! That book is calling my name.

    Fantastic picks Keertana!! I hope all of these are as amazing as they seem to be. Happy New Years! <3

  9. Most of these look new to me, I've heard of Just One Day and Out of the Easy, but I've not read any books by any of the other authors except Cassandra Clare.

    I think I need to check out Gayle Forman, so I'll be looking out for your thoughts on the new book!

    These books all sound like you're very excited for them though, so I'll look forward to your thoughts! :)

  10. Keertana, this is a GREAT list of 2013 books! I think one of my MOST anticipated is also JUST ONE DAY and ISLA. I would totally read a dictionary if Perkins wrote it as well. ;) Oh, and since I just finished reading Shadow and Bone, I'm super excited for Siege and Storm as well!!! I still need to read Dennard's book, it sounds lovely. Great list, Keertana!

  11. I'm as excited as you for a lot of these, especially for Just One Day and Out of the Easy. I think the only ones not on my list are Marco Impossible and The Language Inside because I need to find out what they're about and Clockwork Princess because I can't seem to make myself pick up any of Clare's books. I'll be watching the movie though just to see what all the fuss is about :)

  12. Bridge of Clay is a bit like the holy grail, you know? by now, I doubt we'll ever see it. I'm totally excited about Dracomachia as well, but that's been pushed to 2014. Right this second, the book I'm most excited about is Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi, but that's also January 2014. The Raven Boys book 2 is very high on my list, and Downside book 6, plus Ann Aguirre's new sci-fi spin-off, starting with Perdition.
    Great list, Keertana! <3 Happy new year, darling.

  13. Just One Day is my next read! And Ruta Sepetys is AMAZING! I have Out of the Easy and plan to read it soon too.
    I just read that Dracomacia was pushed to 3014, SO sad about that!
    So many books on this I'm dying for too!

    1. 2014 not 3014. Geez, that would be HORRIBLE! We'd have to freeze ourselves for 100 years so we'd be alive to read it...

  14. I want pretty much all of these books too, especially CLOCKWORK PRINCESS! Although it will probably kill us, ugh. I'm actually really pleased to find another Infernal Devices fan, as not many of the friends I regularly talk to read/like/are obsessive about it. :)

    This is shaping up to be another great year for YA. Hope you get your hands on all of these soon!

  15. Siege and Storm.. Dying for it. <3 and of course Clockwork Princess. Even though I might not want it. TOO MUCH HEARTBREAK! Still, dying for it :) Amazing list. Thank you for sharing :D
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  16. I haven't read anything by Ruta Sepetys but I desperately want to get my hands on Out of the Easy. Isla and the Happily Ever After, Siege and Storm, and The Howling Boy I'm dying to read too, Keertana! Also, Elizabeth May is awesome and The Falconer sounds extraordinarily good. And godammit, I WANT Bridge of Clay so badly because duh, it's Markus Zusak. ;) Unfortunately though, very little information has been revealed about his upcoming book. *scowls*

    Fabulous list, Keertana! I hope you get to read all of these soon!

  17. I am totally with you on almost every book on your list, K! Especially the Daisy Whitney, the Leigh Bardugo, the Elizabeth May and HOLD UP! Get the eff out! Cath Crowley has a new book coming out!!? How did I not know about this??? Holy Cow, you just made my day, Keertana!:))

    And YES! When you read Just One Day and Out of the Easy you are going to DIE. THAT good. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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