Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

Title: Bloodfever (Fever #2) 

Author: Karen Marie Moning 

Rating: 4/5 Stars

After reading yet another absolutely fantastic addition to this riveting sequel, I have come to the conclusion that Moning is a ninja. Yes, she is. She is so well versed in the skill of revealing what seems like absolutely everything while actually revealing nothing that I am in complete awe of her. With this excited sequel to Darkfever, Moning has amped up the action, the stakes, the danger, and - you guessed it - the attraction. Everything about Bloodfever is that much better, that much more addictive, and leaves you with that many more questions floating around in your mind as you read and finish this book.

Bloodfever picks up roughly a week or so after the events that ended Darkfever, leaving Mac with the knowledge of who murdered her sister. Now, Mac is more determined than ever to find the Sinsar Dubh, but a plethora of obstacles stand in her way. For one, Inspector O'Daffy is becoming increasingly curious about the Dark Zones and wondering why Mac hasn't returned home, Rocky O'Bannion's brother appears to investigate the true cause of his brother's death, Malluce's death is still vastly uncertain, a mysterious specter seems to following Mac wherever she goes, and Mac finds that she is still not even close to becoming a top player in the dangerous game that is quickly becoming her life.

I absolutely love the plot of these novels. Not only are they fast-paced page-turners, they also leave you in suspense and only increase the amount of questions you are left with. In most cases, I think I would find this extremely irritating, but Moning writes in such a manner that I think I am gleaning information, but really I am just taking one step forward and going two steps back - it's brilliant, edgy, and has me hooked onto this series. Furthermore, the characters take on a life of their own within these books. Although this remains to be a paranormal/urban fantasy genre, each and every one of Moning's characters behave realistically and have their own agenda's, needs, and inner demons to fight.

Most importantly though, I love what Moning has done with Mac's character. Despite the traumatic events that Mac was forced to face in Darkfever, she still retains much of her happy-go-lucky personality. However, as the novel progresses, we slowly see this begin to change Mac into someone who is tougher, stronger, and far more kick-ass than we imagined. I love that Mac's change is gradual and although she is forced to adapt to survive to the new predicaments she is forced to face, she also manages to retain some of her own individuality as well.

Bloodfever introduces us to a whole new world of Fae lore which is very cleverly crafted and conveyed to the reader. In addition, we see some of the old characters we have grown to love in Darkfever return as well. Seelie prince V'lane's intentions are still murkily unclear and Jericho Barrons remains as enigmatic as ever. However, despite the harsh and often brutal light that Barrons is portrayed in, there remains to be a quality about his character that not only makes him irresistible, but also makes him strangely trustworthy, dependent, and kind in his own way. The chemistry between Mac and Barrons is undeniable and completely off the charts and even when these two are simply arguing and flinging their flirty banter across the room, it is hard not to keep that crazy grin off my face. I love these two and I can't wait to see the direction their relationship is heading.

All in all, Bloodfever was a phenomenal addition to Moning's Fever Series. I've already begun Faefever and I can tell you that this series keeps getting better and better with each installment. The crucial lessons that Mac learns from her endeavors in this novel are carried over and change her in the sequel and I'm in awe of the effortless manner in which Moning develops her complex cast. I would highly recommend this series to any urban fantasy lover and if nothing else, I'd encourage you to never go to Ireland without a handy pack of flashlights! ;)


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