Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thank You

It's been two weeks since I last posted.

I can't believe it.

I'm also not sorry.

When I began college in September, I felt terrible about being unable to post as often as I had in the past. I made a pact to post more often, to read later into the night, to write reviews earlier in the day.

Basically, I still had no concept of the fact that this is my blog and it's not going anywhere. 

The first week following my last post I was too busy to post. I had five major assignments due on the same date, I was frantically attempting to keep on top of my work and my other commitments in preparation to return home from Thanksgiving and I simply could not find the time to even glance at a blog. The past week, though, I've been busy but I've also been having a lot of fun. I still read every day, just fifteen minutes, but, strangely enough, there is enough to do, enough people to talk to, and enough hours in the day to sleep that I don't find myself tapping away on the computer as often as I once did.

And that's okay.

I'm here, on this Thanksgiving, to thank you all for sticking it out with me. Thank you for commenting even when I haven't visited your blogs. Thank you for including me on Twitter and Instagram even when it seemed as if I fell off the  planet. Thank you, publishers, for sending me all the ARCs I could possibly want even though I haven't posted an early review in what seems like ages. Thank you, authors, for e-mailing me and wanting me to review your work despite the fact that I seem so absent from the internet.

I love reading. I love reviewing. I love blogging.

Although these facts have remained constant, my life hasn't remained in stasis. I know I won't have as much time to blog in the coming weeks thanks to finals. I know I probably won't make my GoodReads goal for the first time in years But I also know that I will be here, always, just an e-mail or a comment away. I know I love reading your posts, your comments, your reviews. I know I want to click that "Publish" button again really soon and there are a couple of projects planned for the upcoming month. But instead of freaking out over unexplained hiatuses, instead of issuing a string of apologies, I'm just going to go with the flow.

It's life. It happens. And thank you for sticking with me through it.

Happy Thanksgiving!(:


  1. Aw this is such a sweet post. Never feel any pressure about blogging! I have been quite absent too as well, especially with blog commenting. Blogging is all about having fun and doing it for yourself, and no one else.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! <33

  2. Don't worry about it, Keertana. School is a priority, always, and your readers will be here waiting for you. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy thanksgiving :)

    And well, life happens :)

  4. No worries, Keertana! You have to put what is most important first and that is school! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with finals! :)

  5. We all get busy and do what we have to do. ;)

    I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

  6. Ahh, so much love for this post, Keertana, although to be honest, I've missed you and your lovely posts so much!! I totally, 100% understand though. School has been throwing everything at me, and I've been especially overwhelmed with a lot of drama and shattering friendships and the competition overall. It can be so hard transitioning, and it's actually great to see that you're really focusing on school, which is exactly how it should be! You're totally right when you say that this is YOUR blog, because it is. That's the beauty of this whole thing. You get to decide what you want to do, and when you want to do it. It's as simple as that.

    Wishing you the best of luck with school and finals, girly! I'll be going through the same thing when I get back from break, so if you're ever stressed, hit me up on Twitter, or with an email, okay? <3

  7. Keertana - while we've all missed you a ton, we all know that school is always the priority. We all respect and adore your reviews & discussing books with you; and we're going to stick with you no matter what. <3

    Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck with finals! :D

  8. And we are thankful for having you as a part of this great community and as a friend! :)

    We won't go anywhere either, so don't worry. As I keep telling Tanja, focus on studding and when you are finished with all "real life" obligations, we will be here waiting for you with open arms.

    Good luck, Keertana!


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