Sunday, June 9, 2013

Showcase Sunday (#25)

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicki at Books, Biscuits and Tea. Its aim is to showcase our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week.

For Review: 
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A huge thanks to Bloomsbury USA for sending this to me in the mail this week! I can't wait to start and have heard some fantastic things about it! :)
Elizabeth Wein. Enough said. ;)
I recently read - and enjoyed - Whitney's When You Were Here, so I'm looking forward to this one. Even though the romance-centric cover isn't my favorite, the book sounds adorable!
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Doller proved to be an author to watch out for with her debut last year and with all the raving reviews of this novel, I'm confident I'll love it. I definitely cannot wait to get to this one.
Sales was an author I initially dismissed - until I read her debut and wound up loving it. I'm very excited to read this one as well and hope it surprises me in a similar - and good - way. :)
Torn by David Massey
I feel like this is one that has fallen under the radar, but it's out in August and I can't wait to read it. I love war stories and since this is written by an Australian author, I'm very excited to read it. Also, the cover is gorgeous, so a HUGE thank you to Scholastic for sending me this in the mail! (It just came yesterday, as a matter of fact!)

Flannery from The Readventurer is my guardian angel. Even though she doesn't know it yet. Seriously. Flann sent me Life in Outer Space as part of the blog tour we were part of, but she also sent me an ARC of The Bitter Kingdom that I have been dying for. So yes, she's my guardian angel. Or just an angel - that works too. THANKS FLANN! :D
If you're a fan of nerdy romances and romantic comedies, you will LOVE this. It's fantastic, so a huge thank you to Mandee at Vegan YA Nerds for allowing me to be part of the blog tour for this one! :)
Um, the best trilogy conclusion ever? I think yes. Also, one word: HECTOR!

I've been dying to read this ever since the cover was revealed, but the fact that it is Australian made it so hard to find. I was lucky enough to snag a copy from my librarian who ordered two my accident and now I can't wait to read it. Although it has received mixed reviews so far - mostly good - I have a feeling I'll love this one. At least, I hope so!

I read Held's debut, Silver, last year and really enjoyed it. It was, after all, about werewolves. I had no idea there was a sequel, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this in my library's e-library catalog. I hope it's as good as the first book is. 
My first Whitney novel and while I enjoyed this, I wasn't blown away. I love the cover, but am glad I didn't invest in it after all. Still, a solid read. 
I picked up Grimspace, the first book in this series, awhile back and finally read it recently. I loved it, but this one wasn't as impressive. I'll hopefully check out Book 3 soon and enjoy it a bit more.
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The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen
I'm not a Dessen fan and, having only read two of her books, I can say that - for me at least - her characters need to be similar to me in some way for me to like them. I tried Dessen for years and never enjoyed her works, but I've discovered a couple that I love and I hope this will be one of them too. It sounds great!
Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder
I haven't read anything by this author who is so, so famous, so I really just must. I'm hoping I like it!
The Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett
A novel that isn't very well-known, but one that sounds really good - though scary. I'm looking forward to this.
Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A. S. King
I've been meaning to read this book for months - it's been #1 on my TBR List - but I'm finally only getting to it now. I hope it's as good as the hype promises!
I recently finished this one and though I liked it, I wasn't impressed.
I'm hoping this novel by Howell is more of what the hype promises!
Wiess is both an author that is popular and not. Either people seem to have read all her books or have no idea who she is. I'm very curious to give her novels a try, though, especially with their gorgeous covers!
Foxlee is the author of The Midnight Dress which is releasing later this year. I'm very excited about it, but I decided to give her a debut a shot first. Especially since Markus Zusak blurbed it and his work is pure perfection.
I really love the cover of this one and though it is rather unknown, being an Aussie title, it sounds really good. Very excited about this one.
A verse novel set in WWII. I'm usually not one for verse novels, but I saw this on a recent CEFS podcast and couldn't resist giving it a try. Seriously, these ladies have yet to lead me astray!
Another verse novel, but this is about India. How could I resist a book about my own country? Especially with so few of them out there in YA.

I really enjoy Kleypas, especially her historical romances, and her audio books are narrated extremely well. Smooth Talking Stranger is the first contemporary Kleypas I listened to and I continue to be impressed. Very highly recommended for romance fans.
I think this is the best book I've read all year. I loved it and the narrator was amazing. Honestly, listening to this is an incredible experience. Very, very, very highly recommended. (And a HUGE thank you to Sarah @ CEFS for writing an incredible review that finally forced me pick this one up!)

Phew, what a haul! Now that summer is near - which means my school is ALMOST over - I have more time to spend in the library. I'll be going in another week or two to get another huge haul, so I can't wait! :) What did you get this week? Link me up! :D

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway for a hardcover of Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn!


  1. And here I though that my haul would be big. Anyway Chasing Brooklyn!! YESSS I can't wait to see what you think of it. I love her novels. Also I'm gonna request Rose Under Fire as everyone seem to be expecting it. Great haul Keertana :)

  2. Life in Outer Space! Yay, hope you love it! And I LOVE Notes from the Teenage Underground, it's my fave of Simmone's books :)

  3. Woah Keertana this is one epic haul! I've seen so many reviews for The Bone Season that I've been so tempted to request a copy, but so far I've held back, I don't think I'll be able to restrain myself for any longer! Bloomsbury just had the best books up on NetGalley didn't they? You're so lucky you were able to grab some awesome copies, I can't wait to see how you find Starry Nights and Where the Stars Still Shine (a book I've been dying to read!). I also have copies of Please Ignore Vera Dietz and Chasing Brooklyn so whenever you have free time let me know if you're up for a read-along! I hope you enjoy all your books! :)

  4. Wowww! A massive haul! I hope you enjoy all of your lovely books - they sound amazing.
    My Showcase Sunday

  5. Super cool haul. Hope you enjoy all your new additions :)


  6. The bitter kingdom!! Woehoe :D I can't wait to read it. Enjoy.


  7. What a haul Keertana! You've certainly got some great books. I love the cover of This Song Will Save Your Life! It looks so beautiful with all the colours. I actually saw The Moon and More at the bookstore and just picked it up and flipped to the end lol. I just wanted to see if it would follow a stereotypical ending, but from what I could tell it didn't? So I think this book will be good :). I'll wait to hear your thoughts on it! Borrowed Light has such a pretty cover! I really hope you enjoy Karma!! Well I hope you enjoy all your books!!


  8. That is one GREAT haul!! I really need to start the rae carson trilogy

  9. It makes me happy that you got the book and loved it:) It probably would've just sat on my shelf for eons until I read the other two. I'm excited to hear how the second Trish Doller book is. I liked her debut a lot. You have a serious amount of exciting stuff in your haul this week, K. Happy reading!

  10. What an amazing haul, Keertana! I'm especially excited to hear your thoughts on TBS. Hope you end up enjoying it as much as I did! ^^

  11. The Bone Season and This Song Will Save Your Life! Super duper excited to hear your thoughts on those, especially the latter (music themes, LOVE em:)

    We got a lot of the same books so it'll be cool to compare notes, K:)

  12. What an awesome haul, Keertana! SO jealous you have Rose Under Fire! And I don't know much about The Bone Season or Where the Stars Still Shine, but the early hype is already amazing! And eek I still need to read The Crown of Embers so I can prepare for The Bitter Kingdom's release! I hope you enjoy all of your books. :)

  13. Wow. I am so jealous of this AWESOME book haul! Hence the caps :P. I hope you enjoy each and every one of these books!!!! And I'm so happy to hear that The Bitter Kingdom was an awesome conclusion! I can't wait!

  14. Wow, so many books! I'm really excited for The Bone Season. I hope you enjoy your books!

  15. Woah that's a LOT of books. Yay for the Aussie titles, I hope you enjoy Life in Outer Space and Steal My Susnshine. They're great titles.

    Happy reading and have a nice week! <33

  16. SO many good books here I don't even know where to begin!!! BUT I think that Steal My Sunshine book looks great. Also, the cover makes me think of GOLDEN by Jessi Kirby.

    You know I hadn't even heard of The Bone Season until I saw it being given out at BEA, and now I'm very excited to read it!! SO happy you've been getting many of the books that I picked up there.

  17. Such an amazing haul, Keertana! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed When You Were Here and I cannot wait to read Starry Nights. I love Daisy Whitney's writing so I am really looking forward to that one.

  18. The Bitter Kingdom, I can't WAIT to read it! It looks like you got loads of great books!

  19. I can't wait to get my hands on Life In Outer Space. Nice haul! :)

  20. Keertana! I don't even know where to start with all of this awesomeness going on. So bottom to top: first off, I'm SO happy that you listened to A Northern Light and loved it. I know that you don't take to a ton of audiobooks, and I actually did this one by text, but I can so see why you connected with it.

    I've been meaning to read Tracy Barrett for a while now, as well as Ann Aguirre, so looking forward to your thoughts on those.

    Isn't Flan THE BEST?! I love her. And YES, that is pretty much the best ending to a trilogy ever. I loved Bitter Kingdom, first non-disappointing ending I've read in some time.

    Daisy Whitney has ANOTHER book coming out this year? And it's speculative ficiton? Well sign me up for that.

    Okay, I'll shush now, I just get so excited. :P


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