Monday, March 21, 2016

Romance Mini-Reviews: Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas, Pairing Off by Elizabeth Harmon, and Party Lines by Emma Barry

Title: Brown-Eyed Girl (Travis Family, #4)

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Rating: 4 Stars

Absolutely CUTE! Kleypas never disappoints and though I still haven't read the first two books in this series, I really enjoyed this installment. I particularly liked that it was low on the drama and the "break" that usually emerges in a romance novel wasn't forced on this couple. Instead, they sorted through their issues rationally and it was adorable from beginning to end. (Plus, the secondary characters are just as compelling and their romantic arc also a ton of fun, so props to Kleypas for succeeding on multiple fronts!)

Title: Pairing Off (Red Hot Russians, #1)

Author: Elizabeth Harmon

Rating: 4 Stars

I was so invested in this couple--their tentative interactions, their growing friendship, the sexual tension that laced their every look--and the backdrop of ice skating in Russia only added to the romance of this novel. Admittedly, I will say that though I enjoyed this one a lot it did veer on the slightly dramatic edge towards the end, but it was never over-the-top and I appreciated that the drama did not exist between the leads but rather from outside sources. I would, for sure, recommend this because it's swoony, sweet, and a little something different from the typical hordes of romance reads.

Title: Party Lines (The Easy Part, #3)

Author: Emma Barry

Rating: 3.5 Stars

I really did enjoy this one. It was wildly entertaining with intelligent banter and sparks that definitely flew off the page. Yet, I felt as if this was dragged on just a little too long. It followed the very typical romance novel set-up with a "big break" towards the end and for this couple, it just felt a little too forced and inorganic, sadly. But, I'd still recommend this, especially for fans of the show Scandal because this is a lite, fun edition of the television drama. ;)


  1. Granted I don't read too many contemporary romances, but I would totally read all of these. I so need to pick up a Kleypas book. I might try this series.

  2. I just got a couple of books by Kleypas recently from the library and after reading your review I really can't wait to pick them up, they sound exactly like something that I would be in the mood for lately :) Lovely reviews :)

  3. some authors new to me but it's so nice to find sweet stories

  4. "I particularly liked that it was low on the drama and the "break" that usually emerges in a romance novel wasn't forced on this couple. Instead, they sorted through their issues rationally and it was adorable from beginning to end."

    YES!!! I love the sound of this one Keertana, I'm off to buy it immediately. I'm in the mood for something cute and romantic with a couple who approaches their issues with little drama:)

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed Lisa Kleypas' book. HOnestly, this instalment was so long overdue that I don't remember the first few books. So , you're in good company. Lol.

  6. Oh, I really enjoyed Kleypas' historical romance! I need to try Brown-Eyed Girl for sure. I'll have to check it they have an audio copy. You're messing with my TBR again! Wonderful reviews, Keertana!

  7. I haven’t heard about Party Lines before, I’ll check it out. I’ve only read the first book in Travis Family series. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed this book, I still have 3 books to read. Probably it’s time to finally start them. I’ve read Angie’s review a while ago and added Pairing Off to my tbr-list. I sounds so wonderful, but I’m hesitant to pick it up. I’m scared of this Russian part of the book. I can’t remember a single book which was set in Russia or was inspired by Russia, that I liked. Often authors don’t make their research properly and incorrect presentation of my culture just grates on my nerves. I hope it’s not a case here.

    Wonderful mini-reviews, Keertana! You are my trusted resource for great romance recommendations.


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