Monday, July 17, 2017

'I Read YA' Week (Day 8): A YA Book Everyone Needs to Read

For those of you who have missed it, this past week has been Scholastic's annual 'I Read YA' Week! The fabulous team over at Scholastic invited me to participate in this event and today I am joining the campaign with one of their Daily Social Challenges, today's being a YA book everyone needs to read. 

As an avid reader, it's impossible for me to pick just one YA book I think everyone needs to read. Thus, I'm pulling out this photo of some of the YA books--and authors--I think everyone needs to read.
First up? Courtney Summers. Summers writes dark, gritty books that seep into your soul. They touch upon the viciousness of high school, the cruelty of teenagers, the darkness of grief, and the mad world that women are forced to navigate. I truly believe that anyone who picks up her novels will find something to relate to and it's impossible not to become caught up in her writing and the general atmosphere of her books. She is, by far, among the most under-rated and magnificent YA contemporary authors that we have. 

Next? Gayle Forman. I love Forman's If I Stay and Where She Went duology (and even her standalone I Was Herebut I love Just One Day and in particular, Just One Year, even more. I love that this duology is about travel and romance and finding yourself. The first book is entirely about Allyson, who spends a whirlwind day with a near-stranger she falls for and then discovers herself, changing her life in the process. The sequel is about what happens to that near-stranger and his path navigating familial expectations and the world at large, from different countries and corners to others. It's deeply moving and wildly inspirational. 

Finally, Maggie Stiefvater. My favorite Stiefvater novel is The Scorpio Races which is simply beautiful, but I think her Raven Boys series is a must-read. It's wonderfully compelling, the friendships and relationships tugging on heartstrings, and it's magically innovative. I read a lot of fantasy/supernatural novels and its unlike anything I've come across before. For me, more than the Raven Boys being a must-read, Stiefvater is a must-read; her books capture the teenage spirit in all its complexity so perfectly and her writing is sublime. 

I could wax poetry about a dozen other YA novels, but the ones I really believe everyone should read--and especially those who believe YA doesn't have much to offer--are the books written by Courtney Summers, Gayle Forman, and Maggie Stiefvater. What are the YA books you think everyone needs to read? I had such a hard time picking just these three but I'm always on the lookout for more recommendations!


  1. I just tried the movie version of IF, it was meh

  2. hmmm I haven't read any there

  3. Great authors. I've read a couple by Gayle Forman but really loved them. I need to read more by Maggie but I ADORE the Raven Cycle. And I've only read one by Summers, but she's an author I really want to read more of in the future.

    I think people should read: Stephanie Kuehnert.


  4. I recently gave my sister The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta and now she won't read anything else, no matter how hard I try. So that should definitely make it on my list. I completely agree with The Scorpio Races, though. I reread it perhaps once a year. I didn't have much luck with Gayle Forman a few years ago, but perhaps I should try again now.

  5. Huge fan of Foreman's duo logy but her sophomore novel didn't float my boat. Love Stiefvater, though!

  6. I love all three of these authors. Courtney Summers has blown me away countless times with her gritty literature. I adore Gayle Forman and I've been meaning to pick up Just One Year, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I loved Shiver, but haven't picked up anything by Stiefvater yet, but she's someone I'm definitely wanting to read more of.

  7. Yes, The Scorpio Races and The Raven Boys for sure! If I Stay and If I Go by Gayle Forman were wonderful for me, too. I wasn't real keen on her other series. :)


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