Friday, March 28, 2014

Recommended Reads: Books I Haven't Reviewed Edition

Quite simply put, I've been a little bit too busy, a little bit too tired, and a little bit too lazy to review every book I've read so far this year. I make a genuine effort to review the books I read, but sometimes I come across terrible ones I just cannot be bothered to waste time to review, or indifferent ones I cannot summon up any feeling to review, or just excellent time-pass reads which I am not required to review for publishers and which, fortunately or unfortunately, end up at the bottom of my review pile until I simply give up on them and decide not to review them altogether. At roughly a quarter through the year and a third of the way through my reading challenge, however, I figured it would be a good idea to compile a short list of the novels I haven't reviewed but which I do believe deserve a shove in the direction of any willing reader.

"Chick-Lit" At its Finest
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I've loved both Kristan Higgins work and that of Susan Elizabeth Phillips in the past and these three titles are every-bit as swoon-worthy and heart-warming as you could hope. (It definitely helps that they each contain swoon-worthy hunks too!) While some of Higgins and Phillips work is organized, very loosely, into a series, each book can be read as a stand-alone. Match Me if You Can is the 6th Chicago Stars book, of which I've only read the first book, and Call Me Irresistible is the 6th Wynette, Texas book, none of which I've read before, so you can read these books in whichever order you desire - it makes no difference. 

It's Getting HOT in Here!
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Ruthie Knox's books manage to be both incredible sexy and wonderfully poignant. Bailey's Asking for Trouble is the 4th installment in a series she writes, of which I've only read the first book, but it's my favorite one of the bunch. If you're looking for steamy reads with depth, place your bets on these good-looking covers. ;)

No Recommendation Required 
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I've reviewed work by these three authors before and waxed poetry about their writing style and characterization that I hardly felt the need to re-iterate those same words. Laugh, told in the same vein as Live, is absolutely wonderful and Mary Ann Rivers leaves me speechless every time. Stealing Heaven is far more light-hearted than Scott's Heartbeat and a great deal cuter, so if you're in the need of a quick novel to curl up with and smile, this is the one. And Stardust is downright magical. Admittedly, I enjoyed the film better, but I'm not complaining after listening to the audio version of this one as well.

Short and Sweet: Novellas
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I discovered Courtney Milan earlier this year and fell in LOVE. Both of these novellas are absolutely fantastic, as are her full-length historical romance novels. Milan's work is less steam and more depth, which I appreciate, so look out for a series of mini-reviews concerning her work sometime in the near-future. And Ilona Andrews. Well, I love them and Silent Blade is no exception. It's a short sci-fi novella that manages to pack both incredible world-building and plenty of sizzling romance into its short pages. A definite must-read for all fans. 

I apologize both for not having taken the time to review these and for writing increasingly shorter, poorer quality reviews these days. Just bear with me and hopefully my reviews will get back on track and feel less like performing a chore, which they've somewhat felt like these past few days. If you'd like any more information on these books, though, do e-mail me ( and I'd love to fill you in on any more information you may require as this post truly is quite inadequate in addressing specifics about these novels.


Rachel said...

I hate it when writing a review feels like a chore. I've been feeling similarly lately, Keertana. Although, usually if a read is off the charts good I don't have much trouble writing one because I'm so excited. I do love Tessa Bailey! She's a step above in the sizzle category. I didn't know about this Ilona Andrews! How did I not know?! Thanks for putting it on my radar. Love this post. Even if you didn't fully review the books you've brought attention to them. :)

Wendy Darling said...

I read my first couple of Ruthie Knox books lately--they are just as great as everyone promised they would be! Same for Courtney Milan, I thought "A Kiss for Midwinter" was just charming.

I've been in a bit of a reading/writing slump lately too, Keertana. I have this mental block whenever I sit down to do either, so I hope both of us get over this soon. The books are waaaaiting for us.

Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

The Bookish Manicurist said...

Firstly, your reviews are never poor quality, Keer!

Secondly, I didn't review Stealing Heaven either, it was a nice story but didn't inspire strong enough feels for a review. I don't review most of the audio books I listen to as they're just for me, and I don't feel obligated. It's NICE to read a book and not have to review it once you're done :)

Glass said...

This is really great idea, Keertana. I have few books I really liked but haven't reviewed yet - I'll have to write my own post like this.

Mary @ BookSwarm said...

I like reviews of all lengths and have never been disappointed by yours! Don't be down on your awesome self. :) And I have so many books on my ereader and shelf, it's crazypants. Some are a couple of years old...but I just haven't picked them up. Yes, there's guilt but the pubs know we can't read everything, even if we wish it!

Jenny said...

I have to switch things up and read non-review books right alongside my review books. I need some books that I can just sit back and enjoy without wondering how I'm going to word my thoughts when it's all over:) So glad you took a break from reviewing and just had fun with these Keertana! I'm a huge fan of Courtney Milan as well, she writes such great characters I think:)

Joyous Reads said...

I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips but I've not read the rest of these.

I'm in the same boat as you, Keertana: too many books, too little energy and time. Sigh.


It must be an epidemic! I have failed to even post one review a week sometimes. I used to be every day.

But I haven't seen that your reviews have been poorer in quality. Must be in your mind only. You gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you can find a happy medium where it doesn't feel like a chore. I love reading your reviews!

Inis Ravishing Reads said...

Keertana, I've going through the a phase where I'm inundated with school work. That's the reason why I haven't been posting reviews regularly. This is a wonderful post!! Although you haven't written full review for these books, you have brought attention to them. (: Thanks for this lovely post, Keertana (:

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Well, you did review them. In fact you put several on my wishlist. Oh I need to dive into more non-review books. :D Mostly right now those are my audios. :D

Blodeuedd said...

I have read and enjoyed some of those and some I should take a closer look at

Melanie said...

Last year I had the same problem, I just needed to review everything I watched but now I realise that I should just read some books for the sake of reading them. I havent heard of these titles before, but thanks for putting them on my radar. :)

April (BooksandWine) said...

I like this recommendation round up!

I love Kristan Higgins, her books are swoonworthy and funny. I think I need to try Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Also! Courtney Milan! I need to try reading her books too!

This was a cool post and I am like noting the books I already have to move them up.

Tanja - Tanychy said...

This is such a great idea! It's really hard to review all the books you read and sometimes some books leave such strong impression on you so you cannot find words for it. I love these and I actually have one of Tessa Bailey's books on my Kindle. Great post, Keertana!
Glass and I should do one of these. :)

Rashika said...

While I absolutely adore Kristan Higgins (and LOVED All I Ever Wanted), none of the books I've read by Susan Elizabeth Phillips have charmed me so far. They're good but they could be better. Call me Irresistible definitely makes me want to give her another shot though.

I'll jump on the Ruthie Knox bandwagon someday :P I've heard wonderful things about her books and I am curious but I think I am going to wait a while..

I've heard of Mary Ann Rivers but I don't think I've picked up a book by her yet. I've also heard some pretty good things about Elizabeth Scott as well and I am actually really curious about her especially since Heartbeat has such mixed reactions (from what I've seen). I read my first book by Neil Gaiman last year and fell in love with his originality (even if the book itself wasn't a 5 star read for me) and Stardust has been on my list for a while so I DEFINITELY want to get my hands on that one.

I read The Heiress Effect by Courtney and it is if not THE favorite, it's one of my favorite historical romances. IT'S SO ADORABLE.

Rashika @ The Social Potato

Rashika said...

(Sorry for commenting again, I just remembered something and felt the need to add it :P)

I REMEMBER WHY MARY ANN RIVERS SOUNDS SO FAMILIAR NOW (I actually thought I heard her name sounded so familiar because I'd heard good things about her books.. turns out I've read a novella.. :P) I absolutely adored The Story Guy so her books are moving wayyyy up my list.. LIKE RIGHT NOW.
I cannot believe I didn't know that she had written actual novels O_O
I can be so behind sometimes.

Rashika @ The Social Potato

Lily B said...

heh and a bunch just added to my TBR pile, quiet a few of them that I was planning to read anyway. I get it, totally. I have read books before, just because I wanted to and even thought I really liked it - have not yet ended up reviewing them.